S-KAPE conducts workshops, demonstrations and seminars for Corporates, NGOs, Educational institutions, Clubs, etc. We will work with you to determine your specific are of interest and tailor our program to suit your requirements.

Self-defence Seminar

This is specifically designed for larger audiences of more than 40 people. Ideally we would like to teach 1 on 1, however, with large groups in Corporate seminars, this is not feasible, as this would be time-consuming and ineffective. Seminars would involve presentations, demonstrations and solutions for scenarios.

Self-defence Workshop

Our workshops are always limited to a maximum of 40 participants to ensure that the ratio of instructors to participants is always 1 instructor per 10 participants at the most. This ensures dedicated personalised training, to ensure maximum benefit to all participants. Workshops can be conducted in batches in case there are several dozens of participants. Our workshops involve presentations, demonstrations and 1 on 1 live teaching.

S-KAPE self defence teaches people to - PERCEIVE . PREPARE . PROTECT


Participants learn:

  • to increase their awareness
  • to identify habits and traits that can lead to potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them
  • to identify potentially dangerous hot spots and how to negotiate such hot spots
  • video footage of dangerous situations and analysis of those scenarios
  • to reduce their chances of being a target


Participants learn:

  • to prepare for a potential threat
  • to stay calm and focussed
  • to develop a safety check system when using public transport
  • use everyday tools and items as potential weapons in a survival scenario


Participants learn:

  • how to react to an attack
  • to defend themselves using minimal effort with maximum efficiency
  • to counter-attack the weakest points in an attacker with minimal force
  • how to create a window of opportunity to escape